At ReNew Wellness, we are passionate about helping people to decrease symptoms of trauma, depression, anxiety and other issues that impact quality of life and overall well-being. We have found over the last few years that many people report reductions in distressing symptoms after Ketamine or Spravato treatments, but they do remarkably better with a combination of Ketamine (or Spravato) and therapeutic support as they are able to process these experiences in a more meaningful way. 


Current Therapy services we offer:

  • Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners that will provide Psychotherapy with patients at the time of their visit. 

  • Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy. There is ketamine treatment, and there is therapy. When you put the two together, there can be a much more profound response to the treatment. 

    We have trained Psychiatric NP's that can prepare you for your Ketamine treatments. They are there for you to hold space and guide you if you need it.

    Integration comes after, think of it like more guidance for things that may have come up during your infusion. Your brain is developing new neural connections from the ketamine molecule. Having therapy during ketamine treatments and after will help you to form new healthy ways of thinking and handling emotions. Think of it like watering a new budding plant in a garden.



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