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Although it might be embarrassing for many men, sexual health issues are incredibly common. If you are a resident of Gilbert, AZ or the Greater Phoenix area, Integrative Rejuvenation offers penile Acoustic Pressure Wave therapy to improve the quality and frequency of erections. Penile Acoustic Pressure Wave treatment utilizes the Duo™ system by Alma. This advanced procedure boosts blood flow to the penis through a technique known as LI-ESWT (low-intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy). By applying a concentrated sonic air burst to the skin surrounding erectile tissue, the Duo stimulates natural chemical processes in the body that repair tissue, including building collagen and replenishing important hormones. Reach out to board-certified nurse practitioner Ginni Orava with your questions about how this procedure can improve your experience of intimacy, your self-confidence, and your relationship with your partner.


What advantages does the Duo have over other Acoustic Pressure Wave therapy platforms?
Acoustic Pressure Wave therapy is among the most noninvasive, pain-free treatments for erectile dysfunction. It is safe, reliable, and requires no recovery time whatsoever. The Alma Duo is a particularly good choice for male Acoustic Pressure Wave therapy because it penetrates considerably deeper into the erectile tissue, thanks to its unique hydraulic applicator. It administers sonic bursts more quickly and efficiently than other competing devices, leading to greater comfort and higher effectiveness.

What is healing like following Acoustic Pressure Wave therapy with the Duo?
Considering that the Alma Duo does not require any incisions, prescription medication, or anesthesia, patients can immediately return to their schedules after the procedure. With zero recovery period, this therapy is a highly convenient solution for individuals struggling with erectile dysfunction (ED).

How long will my results last?
The results reaped from the Duo device are long-term. Clinical trials have reported that most patients experience improvement in erectile function for at least six months. In most cases, two treatments per week for three weeks is recommended for the optimum duration of results. To provide you with the best outcome, Ginni will commonly set times for follow-up visits. The frequency of your treatment, as well as the cost, will be determined based on your initial clinical evaluation.


Olympus For Men

Use: Increases Libido and improves Erections



- Hormone secreted by pituitary gland
- "Love hormone"
- Increased sexual response

PT 141 (Bremelanotide)

- Affects sexual function via Hypothalamus causing a more natural sexual response
- Induces rapid onset of arousal
- Increased erection in 80% of males who did not respond to Viagra or Cialis


- PDE inhibitor
- Increased blood flow



Women's Sexual Health


Decreased sexual function and low libido are prevalent as women get older. Although this can sometimes be due to underlying psychological conditions, physical sensitivity can also be a predominant factor. At Integrative Rejuvenation, nurse practitioner Ginni Orava and her caring staff are here to address your sexual wellness issues through advanced Alma Duo™ female shockwave therapy. Initially begun as a treatment for male erectile issues, this technology has proven effective at increasing sensitivity and pleasure in the female genitals, providing a means to improve your libido and amplify sexual intimacy. The Duo uses well-tested, low-intensity sonic bursts to stimulate blood vessels and generate healing processes within the skin and nerves. Contact our office in Gilbert, AZ to learn more, and see if Alma Duo shockwave therapy can help you meet your personal and relational goals.


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