How Often Should I Visit My Primary Care Doctor for a Physical?

How Often Should I Visit My Primary Care Doctor for a Physical?

While you may already know that exercise and a healthy diet are important for good health, you may not realize the importance of a routine physical examination to your overall preventive care plan.

Primary care providers recommend scheduling a general physical at least once a year. An annual physical provides an opportunity to check your general health and detect any potential problems as early as possible, when they’re easier to treat and manage. Patients with certain health conditions may be advised to schedule a physical more often.

The team at ReNew Wellness and East Valley Serenity Health in Gilbert, Arizona, provide exceptional primary care. Seeing your provider for a physical is an often overlooked aspect of preventive health. Even if you feel perfectly healthy, it’s crucial to come in for a checkup. This is especially true because many diseases cause no symptoms in the early stages. 

General recommendations 

The frequency of your routine checkups depends on several things, such as your age, risk factors, and current health status. When you’re under the age of 50 and in good health, it’s generally recommended that you see your primary care physician once every three years, and once a year if you’re over 50.

If you have a chronic condition, you should see your primary care physician at least once a year to ensure that your condition is properly managed and that any preventive screenings are completed. If you’re overweight or you smoke, you should see your primary care physician regularly, regardless of your age.

Importance of primary care

Seeing your primary care physician regularly is critical in diagnosing any serious health conditions. Early detection of disease improves long-term outcomes.

Going to your primary care physician is often the first step in dealing with any problem, from mental health to family planning. Primary care providers also help you improve your overall well-being by advising you on healthy lifestyle changes. 

What to expect from a physical exam

You can expect a few things when you visit your primary care physician for a checkup.

Your nurse takes your vital signs, including your blood pressure, before evaluating your history of health concerns, medications, lifestyle, and other elements of your medical records. 

Your provider asks you questions based on your previous records. If your medical history has changed since your last visit, such as surgeries or new symptoms, this information is evaluated, and a new treatment plan is established for you.

Preparing for your physical

Preparing for your physical ahead of time can save you time at our office. In advance of your appointment, collect all of your documentation, insurance cards, and previous medical records. Make a note of any changes in your medical history to present during your visit.

Check your prescription list for any vitamins, herbal medicines, or supplements you’re taking.

To avoid problems and delays, let our staff know ahead of time if you need an interpreter or wheelchair access.

Exceptional care when you need it most

At ReNew Wellness and East Valley Serenity Health we strive to provide the highest quality of care to keep you well and living your healthiest life. 

Our dedicated team of health care professionals is here to answer your questions and concerns, and provide the guidance and support you need to reach your wellness goals. To schedule a routine physical, call our office or book an appointment online today. 

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