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All-Natural Ways to Cope With Depression

Feeling overwhelmed by the weight of depression? Overcoming depression doesn’t have to be a tedious journey of pills and therapy sessions. Here’s what you can do at home to cope with depression.
Sep 1st, 2023

Tips for Controlling Your Appetite

Maintaining a healthy diet and managing portions can be challenging, but there are things you can do to regain control over your eating habits. Here are seven tips for controlling your appetite and reaching your weight loss and health goals.
Aug 1st, 2023

Ask These Questions at Your Next Wellness Exam

You may not know exactly what to ask your doctor when you go in for your annual wellness exam. Here’s a list of questions to start the conversation and ensure you don’t forget anything important!
Jun 1st, 2023

5 Things Most People Don’t Know About Depression

Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses. It’s a complex medical condition affected by multiple factors, including psychological, genetic, biological, and environmental triggers.
May 1st, 2023

How Ketamine Benefits Cognitive Function

Ketamine is one of the latest developments in antidepressant research. Keep reading to learn how ketamine benefits cognitive function and can help you with various medical conditions.
Apr 1st, 2023

Depression and Insomnia: What's the Link?

How much sleep you get can have a major impact on your daily life. A growing body of evidence suggests that insomnia and depression are closely linked. If you’re dealing with either, a mental health professional can help.
Feb 24th, 2023

How Spravato® Differs From Traditional Antidepressants

Therapy and antidepressants are the go-to treatments for depression. But they don’t work for everyone. Fortunately, a newer option, Spravato®, activates different chemicals in the brain than traditional antidepressants, and for many, it’s a game-changer.
Dec 14th, 2022

Semaglutide for Weight Loss: Is it Effective?

Semaglutide is a breakthrough weight loss medication approved for treating type 2 diabetes that has proven beneficial for people without diabetes as well. This prescription-only medication provides hope for long-term weight loss.
Jul 1st, 2022

Why Having a Primary Care Provider Is So Important

The best way to stay healthy is to seek regular, preventive medical care. And if you develop a chronic illness, you'll need professional help to create a treatment plan, manage your treatment, and help you stay well.
Apr 25th, 2022

How Your Diet Impacts Your Mental Health

Good nutrition is paramount to mental and physical well-being. If you’re in a mood slump, the answer may be in your refrigerator. Learn how you can use nutrition to improve your mental health.
Mar 1st, 2022

Helping a Loved One Through an Addiction

Addiction can rob your loved one of the fulfilling life they once had. Helping someone you care about seek treatment and get on the path to recovery is one of the best things you can do.
Jan 6th, 2022

Warning Signs of Bipolar Disorder

Recognizing the signs of bipolar disorder can enable you to seek evaluation and treatment that puts you on the road to recovery.
Dec 5th, 2021

A Closer Look Into Our Wellness Labs

Monitoring your health status before problems start is the best way to live a long, healthy life. Wellness labs analyze and detect potential health problems so you can act quickly to protect your health.
Nov 8th, 2021

Why Does Mental Health Matter?

World Mental Health Day shines a light on the need to care for your mental health, just as you do your physical wellness.
Oct 1st, 2021

What Are Vitamins and How Do They Impact Your Health?

Vitamins are essential nutrients that help your body stay healthy and function properly. IV vitamin therapy gives you the advantage of delivering vitamins and nutrients directly to your body for immediate benefit. Read on to learn more.
Sep 9th, 2021

How Ketamine Differs from Antidepressants

If traditional antidepressant medication has failed to alleviate your depression, or you’d like to avoid conventional antidepressants, talk to a licensed health care provider about a new alternative: ketamine infusions.
Aug 16th, 2021

Do I Have Anxiety vs. Depression, or Both?

Feelings of anxiety and depression can take over your life and cause incredible pain and hardship. If you’re struggling with symptoms, it’s time to see a mental health professional. Innovative treatments can help you get relief.
May 27th, 2021

Fortify Your Immune System With IV Vitamin Therapy

With all of the different illnesses that come around every year, you want your immune system to be stellar. But how do you do that? Keep reading to learn how IV vitamin therapy can boost your immune system to help you fight off illness.
Apr 5th, 2021

Love Yourself From Head to Toe with Accent Prime!

Once we get to a certain age, we start to notice the skin on our arms isn’t as tight as it used to be or our bellies aren’t as flat as they once were. These can be disheartening physical characteristics that cause low self-esteem.
Feb 6th, 2023